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Public–private partnership brings a new robot into the healthcare sector

New hospitals and healthcare facilities in Denmark are being rebuilt and modernized during the coming years. The aim is to enable a sustainable fulfillment of the eighth national targets that were issued by the Danish government, KL and Danish Regions in 2016. The national targets have been set as a foundation in improving quality levels of the Danish healthcare system with a strong focus on individual patient benefits, flexibility, patient safety and a better utilization of facilities.

Blue Ocean Robotics marks five-year anniversary

It started with three Danish robot experts who were eager to develop and introduce new robotics solutions to the market. This year, the three Co-CEOs, Claus Risager, John Erland Østergaard and Rune K. Larsen can celebrate Blue Ocean Robotics’ fifth birthday. As a part of the robot cluster in Odense, Denmark, Blue Ocean Robotics is one of the many new technology companies that have been established in recent years. After five years of business development and day-to-day operations, the company has now outgrown its “startup” title. But how did Blue Ocean Robotics succeed in gaining national and international recognition among so many other innovative companies?

Creating aviation safety for drones

Besides reliability and integrated artificial intelligence, aviation safety was one of the three cornerstones identified by Third Element Aviation for its technology platform. Here is how aviation safety for drones is developed using redundancy.