Entries by Maria Madsen

Aethon and Blue Ocean Robotics introduce the new Automated Robotic Delivery System TUG to the healthcare industry

The healthcare industry is under constant financial pressure to find new solutions that can improve working environment and the quality of patient care. That is why Aethon in a RoBi-X partnership with Blue Ocean Robotics introduced the autonomous delivery robot, TUG, to the European healthcare industry. The robot transports scheduled and on-demand hospital deliveries saving the staff’s time that they can now devote to their patients.

UV-Disinfection Robot – the new solution to increase patient safety

Each year approximately 50,000 Danes catch an infection during hospitalization and an estimated 3,000 people die from infection related complications. For Denmark that results in USD 162 million preventable annual expenses. The numbers are much higher for USA – USD 30 billion and USD 600 million for Australia. With variable sources of infections there is a great need for effective disinfection processes.

Beam Telepresence Robot links the global market in RoBi-X Partnership

A fast-changing global world and international projects force companies around the world to create effective models of global cooperation. That is a big challenge that often requires frequent travels and generates additional costs. But what if it would be possible to be in two places at the same time? Blue Ocean Robotics brings such possibility to the market through a RoBi-X Partnership with Suitable Technologies. The partnership has introduced the Beam Telepresence Robot to the global market, facilitating virtual presence for people who cannot physically be at a particular place.