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Just like TED we believe that ideas worth spreading, should be exactly that. As we are focused on developing innovative new robot technology in close partnership with industry leaders, we also learn and explore unknown territory. We now make it available for you to learn from our cross-industrial experiences.

Our agenda is to inspire you to seize robotic disruption and see the robotic potential around you.

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About Claus Risager

30+ years as frontrunner within robotics

Claus Risager has with more than 30 years in robotics taken part in the rise of robotics in both Denmark and globally. Being a TED-x speaker, hornorary keynote speaker and award-winning entrepreneur, he has served as inspirational speaker for leaders worldwide. Read more about Claus on LinkedIn.

About Henrik Jacobsen

Development partnership specialist

Henrik Jacobsen takes a leading role in exploring the untapped opportunities with partners in all industries. With an intriguing knowledge and insights in human-robot interaction aspects of robotics, Henrik helps companies and individual contributors embrace robotic change and achieve breakthrough performance. Read more about Henrik on LinkedIn

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The RoBi-X Partnership Program aims to create and commercialize new robots through co-creation with trusted partners.