Blue Ocean Robotics marks five-year anniversary

It started with three Danish robot experts who were eager to develop and introduce new robotics solutions to the market. This year, the three Co-CEOs, Claus Risager, John Erland Østergaard and Rune K. Larsen can celebrate Blue Ocean Robotics’ fifth birthday. As a part of the robot cluster in Odense, Denmark, Blue Ocean Robotics is one of the many new technology companies that have been established in recent years. After five years of business development and day-to-day operations, the company has now outgrown its “startup” title. But how did Blue Ocean Robotics succeed in gaining national and international recognition among so many other innovative companies?

Ori Novanda joins Blue Ocean Robotics to develop the portfolio of intelligent cleaning robots

After years of academic career, Ori Novanda is ready to explore the robotics industry. He joins Blue Ocean Robotics’ Product Development department as Robotics Developer.

Eduardo Ruiz Ramírez will develop cleaning and disinfection robots in Blue Ocean Robotics

Eduardo Ruiz Ramírez joins Blue Ocean Robotics’ Product Development team in Odense, Denmark, as Robotics Developer.

Odense får igen en robotmesse fra 2018

Odense Kommune og Blue Ocean Robotics lukker sag om konkursramt robotmesse og igangsætter samarbejde om skabelse af ny robotmesse, som vil løbe af stablen i 2018. Odense er et af verdens førende centre for robotteknologi, og den nye messe skal understrege den position, og vise hvad Odenses robotklynge og det øvrige Danmarks robotvirksomheder formår.

Lone Juul Bilde will develop projects with RoBi-X partners in Blue Ocean Robotics

As a former quality manager in companies like Bang & Olufsen, APW Power Supplies, KOMPAN, Sauer-Danfoss, and Kold College, Lone Juul Bilde is now ready to explore the robot industry. She joins Blue Ocean Robotics’ Business Development team and will focus on RoBi-X partnerships.

Blue Ocean Robotics will identify robotic potentials on Europe’s longest suspension bridge – the Great Belt Bridge

Blue Ocean Robotics and Sund & Bælt A/S will in a new partnership explore development opportunities for the use of robotics for operations and maintenance on the Great Belt Bridge.

Troels Madsen will identify robotic potentials for RoBi-X partners in Blue Ocean Robotics

Troels Madsen joins the Business Development team at Blue Ocean Robotics.

Naveed Usmani joins the product development team to develop portfolio of cleaning robots

Naveed Usmani joins Blue Ocean Robotics’ headquarters in Denmark as Robotics Developer.

Søren Aamand Jørgensen realizes opportunities in robotics after 13 years in the software industry

Since Søren Aamand Jørgensen graduated as a civil engineer in computer technology in 2004, he has seen the city of Odense developing from being “strong in software” to “best in robots”. He is now joining Blue Ocean Robotics in Odense as a Senior Project Manager with responsibility for development projects in RoBi-X partnerships.

Diana Trifon joins Blue Ocean Robotics in Denmark

Diana Trifon joins Blue Ocean Robotics’ headquarters in Odense, Denmark, as Robotics Developer. She will focus on developing human-robot interaction technology for cross-industrial sectors, such as the education and healthcare sectors.