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requirements you have to the robot.

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Platform developed to make the robot move independently using various sensor types.



Platform that enables elements to be free from the force of gravity and enable simple resource utilization.



Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platform utilizing three dimensional navigation technology, heavy-load capabilities and advanced sensors.



Platform optimized for enhanced human-robot cognitive learning through interaction.



Control platform that integrates concepts of the cloudworker in the robot and enables remote control.



Platform that enables your business a better utilization of deep learning, Big Data and IoT by linking platform with sensor data collection.

Case Stories

The process in our RoBi-X partnership model is a highly proven approach. Here you can read some of our cases.


ReconCell - A reconfigurable robot workcell being developed in R&D partnership

To be effective, research and development (R&D) projects require close collaboration and knowledge exchange between universities and private companies. The consortium consisting of 4 research institutions and 5 companies introduced to the manufacturers the new reconfigurable assembly workcell, ReconCell. The team of researchers and business experts took a challenge of creating a new, fully reconfigurable autonomous robotic workcell for fast setup of automated assembly processes in small- and medium manufacturing enterprises (SMEs).

INHANCER – Collaborative selling of complex robotic solutions

Combining expertise and knowledge from universities and private companies open up new possibilities to develop and integrate new robotic solutions, for the benefit of business and the industries. When the reconfigurable workcell, ReconCell, was introduced to the manufacturing industry, the I4MS consortium behind faced some challenges in the sales process due to the complexity and innovative aspects of the workcell. This extended research and development partnership (R&D) has resulted in a new and collaborative sales solution called Inhancer.

Can children learn to program robots in kindergarten?

Robot technology has taken child care centers in Odense, Denmark, by storm. Children aged 3-5 are learning how to program using the modular and playful robots Cubelets. Together with Blue Ocean Robotics, students from the University College Lillebaelt have started a project aiming at giving preschool children tools for developing coding skills. The introduction started in March 2017 and has been already positively evaluated by the teachers as a good way to develop children’s skill set for an uncertain future labour market.

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